Ruby - Messy Ruby - Captain!

Here I am my sweeties

I'm here, running this website to share the SpaceRace!! adventure with the world and the rest of the universe!

My Story

Every adventure has a beginning, and this is how mine began many moons ago.

When my mummy and my daddy loved each other very much (they still do by the way) they do a special cuddle on the bed (though this occassion it was in the back of a little blue car) and blah blah blah.......

You all know how it goes! At least I hope you do!

On with the story, so I started developing SpaceRace!! because I couldn't find anything I wanted to play online anymore. They were all too short or too long with no storyline.

Sure there's plenty of great games but I'd played them all before so I then bandersnatch came out on netflix and I decided I wanted to write a story where you could make your own decisions and choose your own adventures. So I found a program to help me.........

The rest is history as they say, the story I was writing became much more than just a story,

it became SpaceRace!!

A non-linear NSFW text based game interlaced with sexy gifs. Who needs anything else?

Meet the Crew

Here on the RedJem we have a fantastic crew of artists helping the developement of SpaceRace!! and here they are!!!

Transmorpher DDS - Artist

Transmorpher DDS

Second in Command

First artist to join the crew and creator of the mirror on RedJem.

Find him on twitter @TransmorpherD

Ruby - Messy Ruby - Captain!

Messy Ruby

Captain & Interstellar Galactic Guide

I'm the one at the top of the page!! And believe it or not I used to be a man (and a builder)

Blaze Nights - Character Artist

Blaze Nights

First Mate

Character artist responsible for 3 in game characters so far with more to come!!

Find him on Twitter @blaze_nights

Some of the Planets in SpaceRace!!

Error Kelly

Quarter Master

Character artist with tonnes of potential!!

Find her on Twitter @Iggy778899


Everyone on Patreon

My Fabulous Little Sweeties

And of course none of this would have ever been possible without the support and love from everyone on patreon.

Ready to Blast Off?

Are you ready for an adventure unlike any other? You are? then.....

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